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Hi, Bernard Eng here!

I am an ICF-certified entrepreneurship and life coach. I am a nature lover working to create a world where humans can inherit love. A world where people can live happily with their talents and potential. However, I am frustrated seeing many people struggle to live happy and successful lives. Hence, I designed a unique Master Clarity Framework™ from my coaching and entrepreneurship experience and created One-On-One Coaching Program.

What's the secret to living a happy and successful life? Throughout the years, being an entrepreneur, an engineer, a creator, a son, a husband and a father, I found the answer - It is CLARITY!

Clarity helps us to keep motivated and keep going. It helps us to be self-compassion and sustainable. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a working professional, you need clarity to nourish us along the journey of working towards a worthy goal or to fast-track our annual income to 6-figure.

Master Clarity Framework™ is designed to help people who need help and are willing to act to transform their life. You will develop your business insights and life wisdom along the journey working within the framework.

Next, why is the coaching one-on-one? It is to amplify the impact and your learnings. My years of coaching experience have taught me that each individual is unique and that connection matters. Hence, I customise my One-On-One Coaching Program for you, building connection then trust by spending quality time with you. I want you to feel comfortable and safe throughout the coaching journey with me. So you could develop your wisdom or business plan more productively and impactful.

I care for humans, and I believe every human has breathtaking potential to love and to create, whether it is to develop a business plan or create the happy life you want. Nevertheless, we are cluttered by distractions and unworthy goals in life. I am here to help you to gain clarity, declutter your mind and move towards your worthy goal!

Be happy! Love.



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